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You can use this calculator for a rough estimate of what your site will cost. Just fill in the values. The totals on the right side of the page and the final cost will be calculated for you.

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Initial Design

We charge an initial design fee. This covers graphic design, layout and the general look of your site. Our initial design fee varies with each site but averages around $400.


Number of Pages

Page prices vary depending on their complexity, length and the number of components that can be shared. Components are navigation buttons, and other design elements that contribute to the look of a page. If two pages have the same "look" then they most likely share many of the same components.

Discount if you supply all text used for each page on disk, E-mail or other digital form.

Simple pages with no unique components:


Pages sharing the same general "look" as other pages but with a few unique components:


Pages with mostly unique components. Most home pages fall into this category.


Graphic Images

Images that you supply in digital format at $55 each:


Images that you supply as photographs at $70 each:


Images from material larger than 8" X 13" at $125 each:


We also do custom designs, logos and animations.


We consider a standard form to be about one browser screen in height or around 25 lines. Forms at $400 each:


Update Pages

Update pages are pages that we set up to be easily modified by you with an on-line form. Try our Update Example.
Update pages at $610 each: (This does not include the page cost).



Learn more about your visitors by placing a survey on your site. More about surveys.   Surveys at $290 each:



Shopping Cart

Shopping carts make it convenient for your visitors to select products to order from your site. We custom design our shopping cart for your requirements. Although the cost varies dependent on your needs, a typical shopping cart setup fee is $7500.

Typical shopping cart:



Discussion Group

A Discussion Group can add a unique personality to your site, entice customers to visit your site often and provide you with valuable information.  Visitors can submit messages that other users (and you) can read and respond to.  It is a great forum for sharing ideas and information. Discussion group setup fee is $1200. Visit a Discussion Group in action.

Discussion Group:


Site Search

With this feature, your visitors can search all the pages on your site for any word or phrase. Our Site Search fee is $860.

Site Search:


Search Engines

The cost to prepare and announce your site to several hundred search engines and directories is $160 plus $85/page. We target different keywords on each of your pages which greatly increases your chances on the search engines. It may not be necessary to announce all of your pages.

Prepare and announce pages:


Search Engine Follow-up

We can monitor specific keywords in the search engines if a high placement is important to you. This process can several months. During this time we make adjustments to your site to improve your keywords in the search engines. As we do this, you will receive periodic reports of our progress. Search Engine Follow-up is $100/month for each group of ten keywords. We recommend at least a six month initial follow-up. Search Report Example.

Six month search Follow-up for groups of ten keywords:



We can make it easy for your visitors to recommend your site to their friends. You can see one of our referral forms near the bottom of our home page.  $180 will add a referral to your site.



Domain Name

If your site's address will be in the form [] then it must be registered with InterNIC. They charge a fee of $70 which is good for two years. The charge is $35 annually after that. We take care of the paperwork but the fee is paid directly to InterNIC. Check if a name is available.

You can avoid the InterNIC fees by not having a domain name. Your address would be [].

Domain name:


Hosting Fee

Once you have a domain name or sub web, you also need to rent space on a server for your web site. This is called a hosting fee. We can arrange hosting for $35/month, paid annually or $40/month paid quarterly. There is a $39 one time setup charge.

Arrange your own hosting:
Quarterly hosting:
Annual hosting:


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(50% down payment required at beginning of project) Total:


Java and Perl CGI programming also available.

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