Web sites offer advantages that no other medium can. A few examples are presented here.


Flash is considered the foremost way to create rich Internet presentations and interactive animation. Powerful video and multimedia development features allow the creation of animated logos, web site navigation controls, long-form animations and entire web sites.

Example 1
Example 2



Streaming Audio
If an audio file is imbedded into a Web Page, it can take much longer for the file to load and be listened to than most users are willing to wait. Streaming Audio avoids this wait by playing the file as it loads. Click Here for an example.



Streaming Video
Streaming Video works on the same principle as Streaming Audio (above). We can do all editing and conversion for the web for you. Click Here for an example.




Information can also be requested.  This example displays a wise quote based on the date that you enter.  In the same manner, any information can be retrieved.

Enter your birth date i.e. 5/17/62 


Discussion Group
A Discussion Group can add a unique personality to your site, entice customers to visit your site often and provide you with valuable information.  Visitors can submit messages that other users (and you) can read and respond to.  It is a great forum for sharing ideas and information.

Visit a Discussion Group in action.

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