The World Wide Web is in constant change. More people use the Internet every day and their expectations are always increasing.  New technologies are constantly becoming available.  It is our responsibility to keep up to date with these changes, then apply them when appropriate.

This page lists some of the ways that can help make your website a success.


Web Design
Our team of designers, programmers, and marketing specialists take pride in making the most of each web site we create. A unique and effective web site doesn't only spell success for you, but for us as well. Some options that help us accomplish this are:

Streaming Audio
Streaming Video
Discussion Group
Web Site Hosting
Search Engine Listings

Click here for examples of these options and more.


Your website is useless if no one can find it. Our goal is to design your website to be as effective as possible and to make it easily accessible to over 100 million Internet users. We will make sure that your website is listed high on the many ever-changing search engines. We can also edit existing websites to give them a better position on the search engines.

Achieving a high listing on the search engines can take several months.  During this time we send you periodic reports of our progress. Search Report Example.


If you have information that changes frequently, you can easily make the changes yourself. You can change any part of a page by simply filling out an on-line form. See for yourself, try our Update Example.


We can tell you something about your visitors. This information includes the website or search engine that they came from, the search word that they used to find your website, the browser that they are using, the country that they are from and more. Statistics Example.


Our Referral is a short form that your visitors can fill out to recommend your website to their friends.  We have a Referral close to the bottom of our home page. Try it out, recommend our website to yourself and you will receive an automatic e-mail.


Domain Name
Your site can have it's own domain name in the form []. This name must be unique. You can use the following form to check the availability of a domain name. Do not include the "www." and remember to select one of the extensions, ".com", ".net", or ".org".

. com

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Update existing sites
If you have a website that you would like updated, we will be glad to help. We can redesign it or just add a little polish... all at low cost.


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